Doing recovery work from seven timezones away is more trying than I had thought. This is something I’ll have to practice (e.g. get the e.V. to send me to Jamaica more often). I have found out what went wrong in the first place, though: the fire extinguishers in the server room went off; as part of the fire system the power is cut as well. So the entire science faculty went down very suddently on tuesday morning, including the EBN. Sysadmins are working to restore their essential systems and, well, our stuff is a long way down the list.

I had a friend of mine who works on natural language processing at the university push a button on the EBN which did change its state (to on, I hope) but the connectivity for the machine has not returned. That means that the EBN and and anonsvn will be down a little longer. In response we have been doing a little planning for more anonsvn mirrors in the US in particular; it’s not hard to make a mirror, it just requires enough disk space for a full SVN repo and some scripts to update regularly.