The EBN is mostly back online. After a fire-extinguisher accident at the university last week killed power while I was in Jamaica, I discovered that the password I was sure I could remember (and which hadn’t been used in a year and a half) was not quite so memorable as I thought. A friend of mine managed to boot the server (ask sysadmins for key to data centre; call ade on phone while he’s at breakfast under a palm tree to ask which of the 140-odd machines is actually the right one) but it got stuck in a fsck which he didn’t want to touch. So I headed out to the university early this morning, finished the fsck, rejumpered the whole machine, futzed around, reset some passwords and finally got back the machine.

This means that and and are all working again.

My anonsvn mirror still has 2000 commits to catch up with, so it will be a while before we can add it in to the rotation again. Fortunately, came up with another anonsvn mirror while the EBN was out, so we’ll have two stable ones again shortly. For those of you who asked about mirroring, there are two ways about it: using rsync and using svnsync. The latter is very slow in the initial pull (think a second per commit or so, times 900000), but anyone can do it with a KDE svn account; the former is much faster, but you will have to ask KDE sysadmin how to do it.

For me the important message is: remember the password.