Wait, isn’t KDE 4.2 coming out today? Having KDE 4.1.4 packages for OpenSolaris and Nevada seems a little late-to-the-party, then. But they are done, built and running on my laptop. As usual for SysV packages, I’m not sure what is a good way to distribute them at all. I’ll bung the tarballs up on solaris.bionicmutton.org and hope that works well enough.

With 4.1.4 out of the way, it’s time to swing into action for KDE 4.2. I’ve been vaguely tracking SVN trunk (and then branch) in an effort to keep the usual gcc-isms out. Phonon has snuck in a new, unchecked and undocumented dependency on libxcb, but other than that the latest revisions of all the KDE support modules seem pretty good. As part of the 4.2 process I intend to spend some time documenting how the builds and specfiles work so that others can jump in more easily for the point releases to come in the next six months.

As for IPS packages, I’ll switch on an OSOL box as server; in principle the IPS packages we build could go to contrib/ or pending/ but the processes to do so remain somewhat woolly.