Listening to Homeward Rolling Soldier by Christian Kjellvander – my favorite kind of Swedish country music – as I roll out of Schiphol again back to Nijmegen. The snow is less crisp than it is back in Copenhagen.

Many thanks to G.P. for hosting me in Copenhagen and for feeding me crunchy coffee while we talked about Free Software, licensing, organizational structures and research; I think the main occupation of researchers is really scheming about the next project. Suffice to say we came up with enough to keep a dozen people busy for years. I also got to read bedtime stories to G’s son, so now I know what a blæksprutte is (interesting that the Danes do not focus on the number of feet).

Thanks too to Sune (KDE-Debian) for showing me the Brew Pub; the burger is good, but PJ Harvey IPA is a little too angular and bitter for my taste (though I really liked her show for Rid of Me).

This is part of the success of Free Software projects as I measure it: any city in ther world, there are KDE people and you can basically stumble off of an airplane or a train and roll into a dining and drinking establishment and pick up conversations on technical topics like you never left Brussels – which was the last place I ran into Sune, of course.

Anyway, back home, two days of work-work and then I really need to draw up a timetable for KDE UPnP stuff, working with Tejas Dinkar (whom I met in Bangalore where he was part of the wonderful team) on clarifying where his firewall-handling code should live, timetabling KDE OpenSolaris work as well (I’m not afraid to say the fun stuff there is past for now, as we need to settle down to polishing KDE 4.1.4 which has a couple of real soggy and unpleasant bits in it) and writing up talks for the Nigerian Free Software conference. But for now, I’m homeward bound.