The SAS in-flight magazine (coming back from Copenhagen, two weeks ago now) had a list of sixteen fun things in Gran Canaria. I’m sure there’s more; one of them will be Akademy, hosted by the government of the Canary Islands. GUADEC will be there at the same time, and together the two events are the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (GCDS). There’s both a combined part of GCDS emphasizing the Free Desktop together, and the separate conferences Akademy and GUADEC – fun for all ages.

To keep track of the sixteen fun things I’ve ton out the relevant pages; they tell me that Bonchinche Los Jamones is a great (low-key) place for tapas; La Cabaña Criolla is a good grill restaurant; La Puntilla is the place to have lunch – and it goes on. Plenty of food options, that is. I fully trust the whole GCDS crew to point us in the right direction, like Richard Dale did with beer.

It will be a long cool summer.