It’s been a few crazy weeks since FOSDEM. A schedule of three days on the road for Free Software-related events and then two days home is not sustainable in the long run. Then there was carnaval (quite unlike in Brasil) which was supposed to be vacation but got shanghaied by several more necessary trips in the country. Good results though, for the long term health of CodeYard (promoting Open Source programming in Dutch high schools).

It’s been busy enough that I’ve been ignoring Berjan Broeksema and Allen Winter and their new excellent work on Krazy – expect neat stuff and a Krazy redesign to come out of that, which will really improve the usefulness of the EBN (KDE’s source code quality and consistency checking site). My efforts for KDE 4.x packaging on Solaris have stalled completely since they’re not on the top of the priorities pile. Intentions to work a little on the FreeBSD side have also been pushed forward.

This isn’t to say that I’ve not been doing KDE stuff, just not the stuff I had planned. Right now I’m thinking “mid-march, then I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled programming.”