It seems like conferences in the first week of the month are popular. I’m missing one in june, but we have the following stuff coming up:

May 7th: NLUUG Spring conference on filesystems and storage. Ted Ts’o will be doing the keynote and also an ext4 talk (presumably on what’s improved since FOSDEM). Jos van den Oever is providing the KDE angle with search – it makes no sense to store if you cannot retrieve, after all.

June 7th: Alas, empty (help me out here).

July 3rd-11th: Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, the cross-desktop conference. Comprising both Akademy and GUADEC, this is the second time the two big Free Software desktops have put their conferences on one and the same island (but previously, the island was bigger – this time we’re working together). Paul is running that, content-wise from the KDE side, and you can submit technical papers now.

August 7th-9th: UKUUG Summer Conference on “Any topic likely to be of interest to Free Software communities – developers, administrators, and enthusiasts.” It’s more project and Free Software oriented than the NLUUG conferences.

I haven’t looked past the summer schedule, though. Somewhere off in the distance is more Nigerian conferences, freezing in Brussels again, probably a Maemo conference, dev days, developer sprints, oh my.