I just used Konstruct – I think Stephan Binner from OpenSuse is involved there in some way – to build KDE 3.5.7 on OpenSolaris SPARC. That’s serious old-school, for the hardware (single CPU, aieeee!) and the KDE version. I must say having XSun instead of XOrg also helps for that feeling; it gives me an old KDE with no anti-aliased fonts, no composite and no font shadows (the desktop icons look really funny).

But it’s there. I think that’s pretty darn impressive, for Konstruct at least. With minimal changes (replace “linux” by “solaris” here and there) it kicks off a build that gets pretty far. I didn’t document the changes that needed to be made. Source patches to KDE 3.5.7 aren’t really interesting anymore. I remember needing an extra <errno.h> somewhere and needed to skip opengl stuff in kcontrol. I also did a quick BDB (Berkely DB 4.2) port for Konstruct since that was needed as well (otherwise KBabel doesn’t have some useful features).

Granted, I only did libs, base and kdesdk. URL to a temporary location for the tarball of this KDE build has been posted to the OpenSolaris KDE mailing lists.

I’ll be glad to turn back to KDE4 now, on slightly more modern hardware.

[[ I think the title is a Diesel Sweeties T-shirt. ]]

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