I’ll be giving a talk on the state of KDE4 on OpenSolaris (summary: doing pretty well) today at the NLOSUG meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I don’t know if registration is still open. I’ll be the guy with the OSUG.ru T-shirt and a KDE pin.

Lukas has started crunching through the KDE SVN modules as well now, so we’ve got patches coming from two sides for KDE SVN. As usual, weird-ass stuff (like adding libraries to CMakeLists.txt which are needed only because of our choice of linker flags) goes into CVSDude and normal stuff goes into KDE SVN. Things like applying gcc compiler flags only if the compiler is, in fact, gcc. In CMake, the variable CMAKE_COMPILER_IS_GNUCXX is set to indicate that you’re using gcc and should be used in an if() to avoid messing with compiler flags of non-gcc compilers.

My talk this evening will be given off of a laptop running Mandriva, though, because I can’t get dual head / the external display to work otherwise. I’ll have to swap hard drives for a KDE4 demo, if any.

[[ Gary Greene: thanks for the Konstruct update. I may put a little time into updating konstruct to support Solaris better; that would be somewhat useful for people wanting a KDE desktop now – but then again KDE4 is pretty close on Solaris. ]]

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