[[ Some notes from behaving like a BugSquad member. Picture of the real deal on the dot. ]]

There was a BoF session on a timezone bug, where Pau Garcia y Quiles brought together folks running all kinds of Linux distros and other Free Software operating systems to examine system timezone setting. That has yielded lots of new information, but not yet a resolution. Changing system timezone on Solaris seems to require a reboot - that doesn't seem right. I'll have to play with the GNOME code to see what it does.

Re-tagged a bunch of old bugs that were not FreeBSD-specific to the "All" operating system after checking the bug still exists in current 4.3-rc1 on Solaris.

On monday evening, I wrote a BugSquad song. I guess those are the only 12 lines of original content I've written so far?