The KDE e.V. board has decided on a location for a new office in Berlin and we will be moving the e.V. office there fairly quickly; we decided this over generous portions of Frankfurter Green Sauce which is quite an interesting substance. Other topics like Akademy 2010 were finished off as well, and we will be doing official announcements on all these later this week. After the meeting I had a few spare hours and it was a gorgeous summer day, so I went over to the Liebieghaus (site doesn't seem to like Konqueror) and it was just amazing. It was also kids's day, so the gardens were not restful and quiet but filled with painting and coloring and dance and fröbelen. Inside, the house is a warren of galleries, chapels, turrets and whatnot, and stuffed to the gills with ancient to almost modern art and devotional artifacts. It was the right choice -- thanks Claudia for pointing me in that direction. On the train I mucked about with Boost and its compatibility with the upcoming new Apache C++ STL for OpenSolaris.

This week is about conference planning, both attending and organizing, so I have a six month horizon -- and it is cluttered. The next one up is OSiMWorld, where I don't have a booth or anything, but I will be saying "Hi" with my Green and Blue hats to all comers.