A while back I mentioned OpenSolaris packages for KDE 4.3.2, and while strictly true, they weren't anything to write home about particularly. Some time -- and some weekends at home, which is the critical bit -- has passed, leading to improved specfiles; I have not published a full package set anywhere public yet.

Main issues that were gotten out of the way: nepomuk-rcgen was crashing on runtime-linking because of bad library order. Minor compile error in kdenetwork, already committed in trunk. That gives us all the regular KDE SVN modules again, plus konversation. I haven't tried Qt creator this time around. Remaining obvious runtime problem is Akonadi, which doesn't find the MySQL server (in /usr/mysql/bin, but then I can't find a way to configure that at all, and all the akonadi tools segfault on startup anyway).

In any case, one step forward, meaning it might be almost done by the time KDE 4.4 comes out.