Hola, MeeGo. Not amoeba. Not mi-go (I wonder if they stay at the YMRCIGB-S?). The Register has a little bit on it, and Engadget has it labeled "a doozy?" With Intel and Nokia cooperating on a single Maemo/Moblin platform, re-dubbed MeeGo, we're seeing a reduction (in the medium term at least) of the number of platforms for smartphones and devices (leaving Windows mobile, iPhone OS, Bada, Android, Symbian still out there as well as plenty of others, I'm sure).

At OSiMWorld last year I fiddled around with Moblin devices and thought they were OK -- but unfinished. I haven't done a whole lot with Maemo, either. But the two of them together, on ARM and x86 platforms? Sounds to me like a strong mix if the license-to-tinker and the dedication to Free Software remains. Since MeeGo is to live under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, I think that's a given. In addition, there's a history of working towards good governance there (by all three parties involved). I like governance. It makes things simpler, smoother, so that everyone can focus on their core competence and tasks (in other words, don't get developers hung up on licensing questions).

All the more reason to have a good mix of devices at Tokamak4, starting this Friday.