I end up writing so much about OpenSolaris that people sometimes assume I work for Sun or Oracle. Not the case. The KDE4-OpenSolaris project is my development hobby, and isn't part of any employment at all. I worked for the FSFE until recently, and nowadays I work in the garden while looking for something new and suitable to do. Besides the work and hobby bits, I have my responsibilities as a volunteer board member of both the NLUUG and KDE e.V.

This weekend, I'm in Berlin for a meeting of the board of KDE e.V. A board meeting is partly a team-building exercise, partly an opportunity to synchronize the various projects that KDE e.V. is working on, partly a legal, financial and administrative exercise and lastly (but perhaps most importantly) a chance to plan what we will be doing in the next six months or so. There's a few things we'll be talking about, like supporting our version control systems, growing the membership of the association, conference and sprint organization. Many of our activities are mandated or demanded by the community -- like keeping our servers up-to-date and useful for software development done by the KDE community as a whole. One small topic might be financing a small spare server to speed up the recovery of api.kde.org (ok, that's my hobby as well). The financial stability of the organization -- for financing sprints and conferences and whatever the development community needs -- is another one of those topics that always takes some time.

If you're in Berlin, feel free to stop by for lunch (around 1pm) or a beer later at the KDE e.V. office in Linienstrasse -- drop me a note.