I gave a fairly long talk on "Management of KDE" in Madrid, to about 20 people. Aleix followed up with a talk on KDE Espana and then a Spanish gentleman from the Apache Foundation followed, so we had four hours of Open Source community management in a row. Now, my Spanish isn't very good at all, but the neat thing is that I can understand a talk in Spanish on legal issues such as software patents. Verily, legalese is the universal language.

As far as Madrid itself goes, I saw an anticapitalist march while on the way to the restaurant for the research-meeting-dinner, and walked past a half dozen museums at 3:45am on a saturday morning on my way to the airport shuttle bus.

6am flights are less pleasant in actuality than when you book them, thinking "I'll be home on time for coffee!"

I'll say one thing for Madrid: excellent public transport. Maybe because my destinations (Madrid on Rails and the hotel next to the Anthropological museum) were chosen for being close to metro stops, but Madrid's metro system beats, say, London Underground hands down. Even if it doesn't have a "mind the gap" announcement. The museums look nice in the dark, too. Maybe some day I'll visit longer than a 2x12 hour meeting and check it out.

Thanks to Felipe and the LibreSoft guys for having me over.