Jos has written a lengthy blog about OpenSUSE 11.4, which was released today. Attendees of in Bangalore have it, too, thanks to the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. I just installed it in a spare partition (wedged between Fedora and Kubuntu) and it looks great at first glance. Isn't that Ivan's wallpaper? I had only a minor struggle to get it to install in the right place and to update grub, and after that it was very straightforward.

Bangalore has many other things, too. This morning Runa Bhattacharjee spoke on traditional hues and technology, about how information technology is affecting our view of the world. Then Lydia on GSOC and Mr. Sunil Rao of Forum Nokia India about the apps ecosystem around Nokia phones. Right now Anne-Marie Mahfouf is explaining KDE-EDU (and how to contribute). She's got a Kannada example in KLettres on the screen and about 60 people in the audience.