Congratulations to the organizing team of the Berlin Desktop Summit (or Desktop Summit in Berlin). Lots of good stories of collaboration. (That's collaboration that might not show up in any kind of measurements or indicators, though, if there's no electronic record of interaction)

The weeks including Akademy were crunch time at work for me, trying to replace a home-grown Python ORM (with its own implementation of String, List and Number) with SQLAlchemy. As in any refactoring project after five years of development, it turns out that everything is connected to everything else. Every nice clean design diagram with three layers or decoupled components just hides hideous purple tentacles reaching into every interface.

So, yeah, Akademy week was busy, but not in the way it has been for the past few years for me.

Although my term on the board of KDE e.V. was to run another year, I found that I really didn't have the time to put into it properly, and stepped down before the desktop summit. Lydia was elected, as well as Cornelius who was renewed in his mandate. Congratulations particularly to Lydia, who brings a good deal of community management and organization skills to the group.