Went out to the kids 'n billies festival yesterday, which is a child-friendly rock 'n roll festival. Child-friendly in this context means that besiders the main stages, there was also face-painting and circus and candy and a lake with tadpoles. Also free ear protection -- big green over-ear headsets to prevent hearing damage to the tots as they dance in front of the stage -- and a lower default volume of "not painful or leaving your unprotected ears ringing for a week."

Saw the Reverend Deadeye, too, for a no-man-band gospel revival and demonstration of home-made instrumental ingenuity. But he was drinking Glen Grant malt Scotch, where I did truly expect a Bourbon man.

Anyhow, trying to segue from here into KDE-related things is tough. I was thinking of something along the lines of "sane default settings" or "know your audience", but given my current level of involvement with KDE, that would probably come across as whinging.

Then it hit me: what have I done lately for KDE? Hunh, not a lot, 'cept maybe downgrading my OpenSUSE 12.1 installation to the release version 4.7.2 of KDE, since the 4.8 repo had become terribly unstable for me, botching upgrades so badly I ended up making a .xinitrc again. I'm glad sometimes the sordid underbelly is available, still. It made me think of Jos Poortvliet's bit on the OpenSUSE 12.2 release process, and from there into the KDE 4.9 testing approach, which is probably where I should be focusing my thoughts.

So, as a bit of a resolution: actually send those crash dumps and bug reports instead of taking the route of least resistance (which is usually "I still have another machine that does work").