Bug sharing is sexy!
Martin Graesslin has taught me much this week. Back in april I wasn't paying attention, so I missed his series of blog posts on bugs.kde.org for developers, and in particular I missed the bit on saved and shared searches. It bears repeating: if you have an interesting search and are logged in, you can save it (with a name) right from the search results; then, go to Preferences (upper right) -> Saved Searches (middle tab) and you can share a search with others. 

Saved search list
On the consuming end, you can also check particular searches that have been shared (e.g. by Martin for KWin, or by the Amarok folks) and they will follow you around in the web interface to bugs.kde.org, ready for instant use. Probably at some point the list is going to get too long and we'll have to think about whether "KDE 4.4.4 bugs in KWin on FreeBSD" is really a highly visible category of bug that needs to be in that list (it isn't, relax).

By answering a few questions, Martin also helped me futz around with KWin, trying to patch up one bug that I spotted in the KWin list. I also found Dominik's Compiling KDE4 notes useful - I remember using them as well when trying to scratch an itch in Kate.

It feels good to be writing (and reading) C++ again, I've been under a pile of Python WTF rocks for so long I'd almost lost the feeling for when code is beautiful. (O yeah, and where did the KDE Development book come from?)