Today I built quasselcore for FreeBSD on armv6 -- well, I say today but it took about 20 hours of cross-compiling to get all the bits, then another 10 minutes to repackage because all I wanted was the core, to run on my BeagleBone. So score one more qt5-based package that works on FreeBSD on miniature machines. While building, it touched on LLVM, and BSD, and maybe IoT, and that finally reminded me that I needed to get my butt in gear and actually book travel for FOSDEM.

I've skipped a few years, but I'm looking forward to seeing some of the familiar KDE faces there, as well as finally meeting a couple of the KDE-FreeBSD folks. There's a long list of familiar faces at the Legal Devroom. For once, I have a plan of talks that I want to see, even some that I can claim are work-work related (yay!). Whether I'll be useful at the KDE booth, I don't know: last time I was there there was Plasma-desktop to be demonstrated and me with still KDE4 on my laptop. I'm not a good poster child for the modern generation.

As usual, I expect there to be waffles and too much beer and much random Free-Software joy.