This year, Akademy is being held together with other Free Software conferences, all rolled up into one. The umbrella we all live under is QtCon, and it will bring KDAB's Qt Training Day, the Qt Contributor Summit, Akademy, as well as the FSFE Summit and VideoLan Dev Days under one roof (well, multiple roofs; one umbrella). The call for papers is now available.

Because of this wide range of events at one time, there is unprecedented opportunity for presenting your work to a broad audience. I'll be there; maybe "Keeping Qt going on non-tier-1 operating systems" is a useful talk to give. I really want someone to submit an "Optimizing Qt scene graph through algebraic geometry" talk, too. And a "Biggest video wall in Amsterdam with Qt and VLC". And "Estimating proprietary development through observation of Free Software development". And .. gosh, the list goes on and on.

Deadline is may 15th!