So far at Akademy and QtCon, I've been quiet on the blogging front. That's mostly because it's been really really busy from morning to night with technical and social things. Quick recap of the social bits:

  1. Jonathan rented a non-party flat, and having seven (eight?) KDE peeps in a flat is pretty cool. Nicer than hostels and hotels, at any rate.
  2. I've written one bedtime story (about Sally the Stegosaurus), but wasn't really satisfied about the plot.
  3. Helio wants cookies and/or brigadeiro, and I have not yet gotten around to making any.
  4. Scarlett, Hanna and Rohan make the best grocery commando's a guy could wish for. The resulting rice and veg-curry was most excellent -- just a little too hot for Austria. For a lark we also made chocolate-covered pickled piri-piri peppers, but those were a little disappointing.
  5. Chairing sessions means you sometimes hear talks you wouldn't choose normally, and they can be awesome too. I learned a lot about medical devices, multithreading, PR, KDE Neon, and GIS widgets that I otherwise would have missed.
  6. "Frozen" breakfast cereal with sweetened condensed milk and Nutella is the closest thing you can make to Calvin's "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs"