Agh, when I wrote about the social bits of Akademy in Berlin, I intended to follow it up closely with a post on the more technical things I did at the conference. Sadly, that escaped my grasp and much has slipped my mind, too. There was GPG keysigning, and I finally wrestled gpg into shape on FreeBSD at home to be able to use my new keys (when it works, it's fine, when it doesn't, the error messages are maddeningly meaningless).

There was a great KMail / KDEPIM BoF, which combined a run-through of the options in KMail -- led by Dan -- to tally which ones made sense in the modern world. It led to two lists, one of "does this work?" and another of "get rid of it." There was also a regular stream of "can it do that? neat!" KMail is huge, and it has a lot of really neat features that don't get a lot of promotion. And during the session David piped up with "yup, killed that one" (which was the intended-as-a-demonstration-plugin never-meant-for-release ROT-13 encryption plugin).

There was more technical stuff, packaging, trying to work on CI, but it's a little hazy by now. I can still recommend the wrap-up page, which also has the videos of each afternoon's summary session.