After all that FreeBSD shuffling, I'm going to move myself, too. For the past six years I've been commuting by train to Utrecht, where I worked at the Dutch Association of Audiological Centres on patient systems, financing, some data analysis and all the other stuff that happens in a small organization with a broad remit (also "help! the website is down!"). Starting today I'll be moving less far, and commuting to my office upstairs instead.

As of today, I'm an independent contractor; the domain which I registered ages ago when I last worked with Sebas is now in use.

As of today, I'm working with Blue Systems on the Calamares Installer Framework. Not a KDE project, but an independent, Qt-based, Free Software project used by Linux distro's like Manjaro and Netrunner (which in turn ship KDE Plasma Desktop images). As a FreeBSD person, it feels a little weird to be writing Linux installers, but I have a secret hobby project for Calamares, too: adding ZFS install support and maybe even getting it to work as a FreeBSD installer. But that's hobby, outside of the regular maintainence work I'll be doing.

As of today, I'm working with the ARPA2 project on LDAP tooling and the IdentityHub project. That's a lot of bit-banging, sometimes in C, which feels a little primitive when coming from a C++ background (I should look at Go sometime).

As of today, I'm still working with the Dutch Association for the Evaluation of Hearing Aids, but only as their occasional website-and-database-futzing dude.

As of today, I'm a full time freelance Free Software contributor. I've got a mantra: "if I use it, I'll aggressively improve it". Which means there's plenty of patches coming down the line, for Charm time tracker for one thing.