At the beginning of the summer I went to Akademy in Almeria. So what did it bring, in terms of development? I can point to the FreeBSD-on-KDE-Slimbook posts as one technical result of Akademy, although I suppose I could have just had the machine shipped to me, too. (There need to be more posts about the laptop, as FreeBSD support for it improves; I must admit I've been a little lax in hacking on that).

There was a documentation BoF, expressing the wish to work on the pages to make them more up-to-date. Documentation, especially something showcasing the latest-and-greatest, is a constant source of maintainence-effort-required. I'll have to admit I haven't done anything there -- writing Calamares documentation, for instance, has higher priority for me personally and can chew up inordinate amounts of time as well.

Photo of Mira with KTuberling Using KTuberling in KDE3

Non-technically, there were two really surprising, but personally gratifying results:

  • My daughter, age 14, is going to Akademy 2018. Partly for Akademy, partly because of the Lippizaner horses; I guess she's a nerd-horse girl.
  • Her response to her school's mandatory-Windows-10-laptop policy: "dammit, why can't they just use Linux? I know how to use that."

She's come a long way since KDE3.