I'm going to Akademy 2019

In just one week, it’s Akademy-time!

Akademy is the yearly get-together of the KDE community and of KDE e.V. (the association that supports the community’s activities). As always, the conference and attendance is free (gratis).

I’m doing two short talks at Akademy. Neither of them are about my “core business” but they are about things I think are important in the KDE community:

  • KDE Frameworks cover a lot of ground, and they are less-well publicised than they should be. I get fairly regular comments from Harald like “hey, you could use framework instead of this hand-written code” and he’s generally right.

    So, this is my talk to pass his wisdom on to others.

    In many ways, this talk will be like one of the C++ STL overview talks, like by Jonathan Boccara but for KDE Frameworks. And much shorter, and less-in-depth.

  • Matrix was added to the KDE community’s communication channels about six months ago. Not without some hiccups, for sure. It’s an addition to existing communication channels. Some of the channels I hang around in moved to Matrix, and in doing so we lost IRC-bot support.

    Of course there’s tons of libraries and applications for Matrix, so I sat down and used one of them – libqmatrixclient, now libQuotient – to write a bot for Matrix channels. It runs meetings, and handles cups of coffee. This talk will be partly promotion for libQuotient, partly do-cool-things-because-you-can. And also only 10 minutes.

There’s a whole weekend of talks followed by a week of hacking and BoFs. See you all there!