I think it’s a yearly-recurring theme: going to Akademy! crickets .. woo! Back from Akademy but it’s been a while, wow!

This year is, of course, no different.

I gave two talks at Akademy,

  • QuatBot: manage your meetings with Matrix which is a mix of here-is-a-library and here-is-a-usecase. It’s unfortunate that other Matrix talks didn’t happen, since now QuatBot felt a little out-of-place. It’s still a useful tool for work-work to keep notes and manage a meeting, though.
  • There’s a Framework for that tried to cover some bits and pieces of KDE Frameworks. There’s a lot of them, and there’s less publicity around them than there might be. So I did a whirlwind tour of just the names of 32 tier-1 frameworks (no dependencies outside of Qt) and then looked a little more closely at KOSRelease and KMacroExpander.

The framework-for-that idea lives on, though: today I was looking for something to extract the Exec= line from a .desktop file, and there’s a framework for that (KIO does the job, but that’s a pretty heavy dependency for what I wanted; I’ll need to think about it some).

Third year running (Almeria, Vienna, Milan), I presented the BoF wrap-up session at the end of the day – that’s mostly acting as MC to get other people to tell their stories. Here’s thursday and friday for instance, via the dot. Videos are on YouTube.

For next year, I’d like to train some other people to do the presentation – because there are so many other faces in KDE. I have high hopes for Caio (of KPMCore and other things) and Aish (GCompris) who I’d like to see out there fronting for the KDE community.

For being a loud person I’ve now been appropriately punished, by being voted on to the board of KDE e.V. (that page needs an update). I’ll be doing generally useful things, I hope, which means massaging the community code of conduct and spending money from our donors on events all over the world where people from all corners of the KDE community can participate.

There were dinners and architecture and stunning views over the lake and a castle and maze-like university buildings and all that. Other people have taken – and posted – much better pictures than I would, so I’m going to skip over my crappy pics and move on to the thanks section:

  • Arjen and Bhushan for being cool roommates
  • Aleix, Andy, Eike, Helio, Kai-Uwe, Lydia, Neofytos and Thomas for their board efforts
  • Kenny and Kenny for being the driving force behind Akademy’s year-after-year organization
  • Riccardo for being the local driving force
  • Myriam for steering for food
  • Aish and Timothée for company during walks

One cool photo is the group photo of attendees, where you can match names to faces (and for those with no name yet, help out with our crowd-sourced recognition scheme).