At least twice I have been to India. Atil Chitnis closed FOSS.IN in 2008, and I wrote about that only briefly, and in 2011 there was in Bangalore which I wrote about some more.

During one of those conferences I fell asleep on the ground in the hall at the KDE booth.

But there’s a new happening at the beginning of 2020. You can read more on the dot. Based in Delhi this time, the conference remains true to its roots: is a platform for Qt/KDE contributors, developers and enthusiasts to come together, share their knowledge, contribute, learn and play.

Kai-Uwe has made a badge that, frankly, rivals my own kolourpaint prowess:

I'm going to

Now, I’m not going yet. Like everyone else, I go through the call-for-papers process (which means thinking up things to talk about!). You can find the link on the site, along with other information (you’ll need a KDE identity account).

During one of those conferences there were monkeys.

For me personally, it’s weird and inspiring seeing return. I remember the excitement of an own conference in India, of first shirt designs, of The KDE Handbook which Pradeepto put together with the enthusiasts of the time (I still have my copy). The amazing “we’ll make it work” attitude to conference organization which seems to be a hallmark of KDE events to this day.

If you watched the Akademy BoF summary videos this summer, you saw the results of the KDE India BoF, which included planning – starting the planning – of this event. And now it’s here.

So watch the site, write a proposal, and be there!