At GNU Health Con (now more than two weeks ago) I gave a talk on saturday afternoon about Pine. Thanks to TLLim for providing me we slides (we caught up at Linux App Summit) to start off the talk. I dove down a little more into the products that are available, saying “this is not a sales talk” but ..

At the end of the day there were lots of people seriously interested in Pine hardware. If I can’t even not sell devices, what am I to do?

The Pinephone is of course hotly expected. See them at FOSDEM this year (and visit the KDE booth as well). You can read some things about the Pinephone (both positive and negative: the kinks are still being ironed out) here (Drew de Vault) and here (Tuxphones).

[[ That said, in my day-to-day FreeBSD usage I don’t have time for Pine things, although I see that Emmanuel Vadot continues to do good work both for the Pine64 and Rock64. Some day, I’ll have time to try them out. ]]