This is a looking-forward post for the start of 2020, with things-to-do-this-year, mostly focused on KDE-related events. For a decent home/travel balance (since travel takes it out of me) I have an agreement with my family: one Free Software related trip per month.

  • January where I’ll give a few talks and a workshop, I think. Also, time to hang out with the cool Plasma Mobile developers and some young Plasma developers.
  • February FOSDEM. This is on the edge of February, but still counts for that month. There’s a FreeBSD dev-thing going on, and then the main event.
  • March .. nothing yet! But I have in my mind I want to visit the Open Source community in Medellin, Colombia.
  • April FOSS-North in Gothenburg, for my third time. A great conference with good community vibes.
  • May .. nothing yet! Isn’t there a PIM thing around this time? I feel I should go to a PIM thing again.
  • June .. nothing yet! Maybe I should organize a Calamares sprint with the folks from Manjaro and Netrunner and Arcolinux, in Aachen or so.
  • July non-KDE stuff, I’ll be at the European Championships Rubik’s Cubing in Almere, in some not-actually-cubing-because-I-can’t role.

Possibly there’s some trade shows I missed, and there’s probably a KDE e.V. board meeting in May or June which means Berlin again (that is seldom a punishment).

The KDE community keeps me busy like that, and I like it.

(Edited: originally said instead of .in)