is back in 2020

Just a few more days and I’ll be off to India – Delhi – to attend at the Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology.

Announcement poster for Calamares talk It’s been ages since I last saw Shantanu, and many of the other speakers are new to me. I’m particularly interested in the Malayalam angle presented by Subin Siby, for one thing because the Malayalam translation of Calamares is a work of art.

I’m presenting a few things at the conference – something about Calamares, and also something about using Transifex. Getting good translations for Free Software products is an important thing for making that Free Software available to the next billion Free Software contributors. (The “next billion” is something I’ll credit Samson Goddy and the Open Source Festival with; I dream of speaking there some day as well.)

The conference schedule is somewhat relaxed, so I expect to spend lots of time either sitting and hacking with attendees, or coming up with impromptu sessions on other topics. For season of KDE there are a couple of projects related to Rocs (a graph theory IDE) which I’m mentoring, and there’s always room for more work, more enthusiastic users.

Since there’s lots of different things happening at, the start of this week, before flying, is basically filled with downloading all the things to my new Slimbook and polishing presentations.

This trip is supported by KDE India and KDE e.V., the organizations that support the KDE community in India and worldwide.