This week I was going through the locale module in Calamares, bumped into a odd combination of new and deleteLater(), and something started nagging; that code can be better. I first did the “obvious” and moved things to the stack (er .. automatic storage duration) and then asked around, and in 2009 Frank Osterfeld blogged exactly about my problem, and explained that I’d done exactly the wrong thing.

Read Frank’s original on crashing KDE applications through modal dialogs, because he explains it very well.

Why do I bring this up? It’s old hat. Yesterday’s news. Common knowledge. Basic stuff everyone should know.

The thing is, common knowledge is kind of uncommon, and since senior developers don’t know everything, it’s worth repeating that kind of knowledge now-and-again.

Speaking of, at Akademy 2020 there will be a talk about this kind of old institutional knowledge. Tune in to Kevin on the last day of the conference.