A few times per year, the board of KDE e.V. gets together for a board meeting. While we also meet once a week for an hour to keep track of what is happening within the organization, the longer meetings are when big tasks are undertaken and the dusty corners are tidied up.

KDE e.V. Board sits down for a meeting
KDE e.V. Board sits down for a meeting

Of course, “getting-together” is not a viable activity right now. Much as we would like to sit around a table with shared coffee and late-night beer and walks, right now that is not possible. So, using KDE’s Big Blue Button infrastructure, our meeting is online.

The KDE BBB is there for the whole of the KDE community. There are some (sub-)groups that use it occasionally, some regularly. Allyson organizes smaller events on it, and of course we have an online Akademy to look forward to.

During the meeting we mix boring-administrative, high-level-strategic, social-and-silly activities. For instance, I have “update the address in the FLA” on my list, but there is also a budget to start writing (led by Eike), some of our ongoing projects to evaluate, and albatrosses like “can we possibly accept cryptocurrencies without angering the tax office?”

This weekend is booked solid, but we figure there will be a board ask-me-anything or fireside chat sometime soon again – and of course there is always the KDE community mailing list if there are things that the KDE community needs to discuss, feel free to ping us there as well.