As one of the three winners of the KDE Akademy Awards in 2021 (Alexander Semke for Best Application; Paul Brown for Best Non-Application; me for Jury Award), it fell to me and the other winners to decide upon winners for this year’s Akademy. Alexander couldn’t make it to the event, so Paul and I got up on stage. Congratulations Jasem, Harald and Aniqa!

I have put the slides up on my website. Not because the slides are so special (and they really do need the presentation to go along with them; the broken icon is broken because that’s what the award is about). But they do provide a convenient example of how to put together a KDE-themed presentation with just HTML, Javascript and some Markdown. They use remark.js, and I’ve come to the conclusion that having web-accessible simple slides is really useful for those times when you have to put together a presentation while at a conference and don’t want to mess with presentation tooling (or even LaTeX).