In two weeks, the board of KDE e.V. – and take note that photo of me is before 3 years of COVID-hair – will convene in Berlin for one of our board sprints.

The board meets weekly online, using the Big Blue Button infrastructure that KDE has for meetings, online get-togethers, virtual sprints and hybrid conferences. In an hour or two we get through the week’s “needs doing now” and “approve this request from the membership or community” items. But some things are not very well suited for online discussion. Sometimes we need to physically sign papers (Germany, old-fashioned, etc.). And of course, drinking tea together is what really makes a team.

Hmm, yes, there is “tea” in team. Make mine a Yunnan FOP.

But it’s not just all fun and games. Actually, hardly any: we get to spend 10 hours a day at the office over a weekend doing KDE e.V. board and administrative stuff. In the evening, though, we’ll meet up with some KDE folks in and around Berlin and potentially consume more tea.

(And when in Germany I always stock up on a handful of typically German products, like knödel – a good KDE name, although I can’t imagine an application carrying it)