No surprise, given that I recently wrote that it was a “slow month” for my Free Software activities, that I skipped FOSDEM too. My recurring memory of the event is cold, sleet, snow, miserable weather and a cold draft across the KDE booth – and returning from the event with a hangover and recharged, nonetheless, by seeing how the whole Free Software world hangs together.

Many years ago at FOSDEM I spoke with .. somebody, but they were nice and helpful and from the Kiwi Test CMS project, and so I’ve encouraged its use at work-work. It still doesn’t pay off for that project in terms of money or support, but .. we might get there eventually. I hope I can gently figure out how we might sponsor a handful of projects we use, even if it’s only a tenner a month.

Seems like Kevin had a good time at FOSDEM (another tradition: bedtime stories, but we must meet IRL for that). I’ve heard happy stories from other folks, but no regrets: I can just look forward to Linux App Summit (April) and Akademy (July) later in the year.