Like plenty of other KDE folks, I’m going to Akademy. See you there!

Like in past years, I have applied my Awesome Kolourpaint Skills to the banner. I thought the person looked overly serious, so I’ve given them a big smile. And blue eyes, to match my own.

Akademy Banner defaced with Kolourpaint
Akademy Banner defaced with Kolourpaint

I’m not giving any talks except for KDE e.V. board presentations (which will probably be mostly Aleix and Lydia). This also means I’m not getting a haircut for this conference. Such is the weight of tradition.

On the technical side of things, I may chat a bit about Calamares with folks (although it’s in fairly-deep-sleep), about FreeBSD CI, about the state of C++ compilers where I’m genuinely worried about Clang, about CMake, and about long-term maintainence of legacy code. There will surely be sillyness as well – perhaps rosy-fingered dawn will shine upon an epic in iambic hexameter about Qt, you never know what happens at Akademy.

PS. Thanks to the folks who poked me – by email and on fosstodon – about a botched previous update to my blog feed. I believe it’s fixed now.