Last week was one of the regular KDE e.V. board meetings. We (the board of KDE e.V.) have a video call every week, but twice a year we try to get together and actually put in some full days, actually sit around and laugh, actually listen to Dad jokes and eat food and drink beer or Fritz cola together.

It’s a good addition to our usual workflow.

Berlin is just so much fun (for five days, anyway). I can hop on the train, walk along the Spree to a hotel, walk everywhere – Friday I did 15km – get amazing food for cheap – compared to the Netherlands anyway – and hang out with friends. Some of those friends are the board. The board is some of those friends.

The actual board work is not something to write about all that much. There were HR things and finances and projects and plans and .. you’ll see some of the results on the KDE e.V. website. We also played GeoGuesser and something with WikiData.

One of the HR things I should particularly mention: welcome to Nicole,
our latest employee who is further involved with our sustainable software efforts.

The regular board calls resume next week, and we will meet again in September at Akademy.