So, with NLUUG's spring conference behind us, it's time to look to the future. A future that actually started 10 years ago but is only now becoming really darn important except that not everyone's paying attention.

I'm talking, of course, about IPv6, not the port of KPresenter to KDE3 by Carsten Niehaus (r86549).

The Register has a nice IPv6 WTF article, which in turn points to World IPv6 Day. There's a Dutch IPv6 event on June 8th, too.

All this run-up is to point out that the NLUUG fall conference 2011 is october 20th (a little earlier in the year than usual) and the theme is "Netwerken: IPv6 en de rest." or, in plain English, "IPv6 and all that Jazz". The posters are printed, the Call for Papers, Abstracts and Vague Statements of Intent will go out sometime soon.

That said, there were various people grumbling about the lack of IPv6 connectivity at the spring conference, so there's also technical and infrastructure work to be done, not just getting a good conference programme together.