For those tracking KDE4 OpenSolaris, I've updated the pkg repository for KDE4 packages. There's a couple of things to note:

  • This build requires nv126 or later. Build 124 introduced some new incompatibilities in OpenSolaris itself, which trips up kdebase-apps builds -- this has been hacked around, but we need to find a good fix that we can upstream.
  • There will be no KDE 4.3.3 from the KDE4-OpenSolaris folks. We're going to focus on 4.4.0, since there's plenty to chase after there. Hajma has been doing a great job in tracking trunk these days, and I've been tagging along with 4.3.2.
  • Upstreaming patches is tough. We intend to actually set up nightly builds that report to the KDE dashboard, as Alexander Neudorf has once again extended the hand of friendship to us non-Linux folks for the dashboard.
  • As always, the source specfiles can be found on and they all point to the original upstream sources.