Just some little tidbits for this week.



  • Calamares continues on its two-week release cycle. There’s some variation as I sometimes take a vacation, but I’m still happy with the short cycles.
  • The Malayalam translation of Calamares is now at 100%! That’s a really fast turn-around – I only wrote about it just last month.


  • Mayeul Cantan pointed out --first-parent to me, which turns my git alligator into a snake with a linear history (and well-described merges, I hope). Thanks for the tip!
  • Robo did a little video review of a script I bunged together a while back. Turns out it’s not great for installing GNOME on FreeBSD – PRs are welcome! And thanks for trying out bits-and-pieces. We’re all in this together.
  • After converting most of my WordPress posts from my defunct hosting and from my one-time FSFE blog, as well as importing (by hand) things from Fruitsalad through the Wayback Machine, I’ve got nearly six hundred blog posts spanning fifteen years; there’s a three year gap that still needs to be manually filled in.