It was all whirlwind and heat. One weekend we hit the road and went to Italy. Where there was the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2022. I mentioned I was going, and then I went! And it was all I needed it to be.

Linux App Summit banner
Linux App Summit banner

I chose Ruth and Heather to listen to, and posted some bits on the socials as the conference progressed. I acted as MC for the main auditorium, so that was two days of introducing speakers, announcing coffee breaks, and dealing with the unexpected. Oh, and running microphones for questions. I would like to thank Dr. Britt Yazel of the Ubuntu folk for being an absolute stellar room-runner – dealing with the technical things and keeping track of time. Also for always having a question if the room was a bit quiet.

Anisa, Caroline and Kristi did a great job wrangling people, places and things. Dani was there for all the things that needed doing, Giulio for the desk and Heather not only gave a talk but also climbed ladders. Regina chased a bunch of social and future-PR items, and Kenny watched over streaming. Truly, a conference like this rests on the shoulders of two dozen people working their butts off for months beforehand, and then being largely invisible during the conference itself.

The people from iiriti were really cool on the A/V technical front – I don’t think I’ve previously dealt with such a slick setup and helpful people.

I’ve probably not mentioned another dozen people; you were all great.

It turned out the local gaming group in Rovereto had their regular get-together at the bar during the conference, so at one point I was playing “Project L” with some random passer-by and Patrick from openSUSE – these are the best parts of conferences.

Linux App Summit stage
Linux App Summit stage

Here’s a shout-out to Codethink and Canonical, two sponsors of the conference who provided food (the cake was not a lie, it was Jellyfish, and the coffee-and-brioches were necessary for life itself).

The friendly folks from openSUSE – always a pleasure to talk with Doug – brought a Geeko to liven things up, and MBition, while not very visible at the conference, provided financial support for the conference. Slimbook and Tuxedo supported the conference as well.

You can see all my favorites in that picture of the stage, Slimbook with openSUSE and FreeBSD and cat stickers and KDE.

Tip of the hat to Neil and Rob from GNOME, and all the speakers. I’ll see you next year!