It is time for another migration (IRC-to-Matrix in 2021 or work in 2022 or work in 2017 or work in 2011 come to mind), but this time of “the socials”. You can find me as on the Open-Source oriented Mastodon instance “Fosstodon”. I may retire the Twitter handle I got in 2010, but as a label it’ll live on in my Mastodon handle.

Insofar as I think about my “social media” profile at all, I’ve come to realise that the things I actually control are the most valuable. My blog is static, stored in git (and I’m still slowly reconstructing it via the wayback machine from times when it was stored differently), and that is something I can take with me. All the socials are about putting my data in someone else’s (benevolent or otherwise) control, so I may end up migrating back to lots of small blog posts, rather than shouting things at the cloud(s).