KDE e.V. is a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. It is an association under German law, which means it has a board of directors. The board meets online weekly to discuss ongoing work – contractors, progress in working groups, external relations – and traditionally a few times a year in-person to deal with bigger jobs.

Akademy is one of those meetings, where we also meet with the community, our sponsors and advisory board and all our friends. We usually have two more, wherever there are board members (e.g. Berlin or Barcelona, right now).

With Akademy going online (CfP is open!) this year due to COVID-19, we still need to meet but doing so in-person would be irresponsible. So the board meeting is also online, using BigBlueButton which so far meets our needs for whiteboard, audio, and some video quite well.

The Board Meeting

Audio on FreeBSD is a bit of an issue for me – it gets choppy after about 10 minutes in Falkon, fixed by a reload. Things are fine on the Slimbook running openSUSE.

One of the things we talked about today is the annual general assembly, and how to do one properly online. Many German associations have that same problem, so we’ll be looking at expertise built up elsewhere for hints. For tomorrow we have a bunch of KDE e.V. internals on the schedule, including how we’re progressing with the current goals of the KDE community and what the e.V. can do to help.

Actually, if I look back almost exactly ten years there’s a lot of continuity in topics and care that the e.V. takes for the KDE community.

So here’s a toast to the e.V., for another ten years of stability (and perhaps silly screenshots from meetings).