Most summers I go on a bicycle vacation with my family, and we do a couple hundred kilometers and get back and it puts a reasonable-sized dent in Calamares development in the summer months. Like in 2019 2018 2017.

Bicycle computer

This year, for personal reasons (and limitations on travel, and on campgrounds, and not wanting to put ourselves or others at risk), the bike trip was limited to 200km and a week in a “trekkershut”.

What this means for the rest of the summer is that I’ll occasionally be “on vacation” which will mean “in the front yard, building an awning” or “in the back yard, building a chicken coop”, but no long absences from the Free Software world. In general, the plan is:

  • release Calamares every two to three weeks,
  • track KDE software releases (Frameworks, Plasma, and the release service) on FreeBSD within a few days of release,
  • keep up with KDE-FreeBSD CI failures and bug reports as and when Nate pokes me about it (thanks, Nate, for watching all the things so I don’t have to).