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CMake Module Libraries

The KDE Extra CMake Modules (docs in CMake-style) are a collection of CMake code that do three things: add useful features to CMake, provide Find modules for dependencies for KDE code, and provide tooling for KDE code. There is slow … Continue reading

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Calamares 3.1.3 released

Calamares is an (Linux) installer framework. It’s an application with lots of pluggable modules to do system installation tasks (like partitioning, setting up users, and enabling encryption on filesystems) needed when installing Linux onto a computer system. There are modules … Continue reading

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QtWebKit on FreeBSD

Over at, there is an article on the coming WebKitGTK apocalypse. Michael Catanzaro has pointed out the effects of WebKit’s stalled development processes before, in 2016. So here’s the state of WebKit on FreeBSD, from the KDE-FreeBSD perspective (and … Continue reading

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At some point, the KDE4-era KDM is going to end up unmaintained. The preferred display or login manager for KDE Plasma 5 is SDDM, which is Qt-based, and QML-themeable. In Area51, the unofficial KDE-on-FreeBSD ports repository, we’ve been working on … Continue reading

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QtWebEngine on FreeBSD

It’s been a long time coming .. Tobias and Raphael pushed the button today to push QtWebEngine into FreeBSD ports. This has been a monumental effort, because the codebase is just .. ugh. Not meant for third-party consumption, let’s say. … Continue reading

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CMake 3.9 on FreeBSD

The KDE-FreeBSD team also maintains the CMake packages on FreeBSD — mostly because KDE was the first big consumer of CMake. The meta-buildsystem is now used by hundreds of packages on FreeBSD. We recently switched the backend — the build … Continue reading

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Keyboard Layouts the way Sun Microsystems Intended Them

I am a long-time Sun Microsystems fan. So in the time that I worked on KDE 4 on OpenSolaris, I had a bunch of Sun hardware, including keyboards and mice. It’s always useful to have Stop-A available, even if the … Continue reading

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Geeko in the Wild

Post-Akademy, I’m spending a couple of days in the south of Spain, enjoying the scenery, snorkeling, climbing hills, finding CMake issues, playing with the Slimbook, and generally having a two-thirds-vacation. Today after lunch I was staring vacantly at the tree … Continue reading

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Akademy BoFs

Here at Akademy in Almería, we have moved from the conference portion — two days of talks at the University — to the hacking week portion. The conference days were very busy; most of the talks were recorded and those … Continue reading

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Bug parity achieved

Riddell: “Hey, Ade, don’t touch your quassel for a minute, ok? Right, switch to a different channel.” Me: “Sure” Riddell: “OK, see the Quassel notification icon?” Me: “Yeah, it’s throbbing.” He walks over, checks that the notification icon is throbbing … Continue reading

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