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Akademy+ Call for Papers / Participation / Presentation

This year, Akademy is being held together with other Free Software conferences, all rolled up into one. The umbrella we all live under is QtCon, and it will bring KDAB‘s Qt Training Day, the Qt Contributor Summit, Akademy, as well as the FSFE Summit and VideoLan Dev Days under one roof (well, multiple roofs; one […]

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My Akademy schedule

I for one applaud the decision to put Akademy-badges on the KDE community wiki. I was afraid I was going to have to apply my awesome Kolourpaint skills again. Albert’s reminder has caused me to figure out my reasons for attending Akademy this year. So my agenda is four-or-fivefold: attend the AGM of KDE e.V. talk to Paul Adams about measuring community health. […]

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That’s a wrap

Congratulations to the organizing team of the Berlin Desktop Summit (or Desktop Summit in Berlin). Lots of good stories of collaboration. (That’s collaboration that might not show up in any kind of measurements or indicators, though, if there’s no electronic record of interaction) The weeks including Akademy were crunch time at work for me, trying […]

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Long-term Management

My friend Armijn sent me this, and asked if I would pass it on. He adds as a word of warning “this is a post that can easily ruin your mood“. Almost all free software developers I have met are always very enthusiastic about their programs and what to add and improve in the future. […]

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