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Free Software Foundation Europe related things; a heading to collect my Free Software thoughs that are not KDE- or operating system-specific.

Software Freedom Day

This weekend is Software Freedom Day — a chance to celebrate the idea that you, the owner of a computing machine, should be in control of the computations done on that machine. As the owner, you should be able to … Continue reading

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PDF Readers near you

Do you get this as well? A PDF delivered along with a message that you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader (r) to open that file? PDF is a (relatively) open standard. It is an ISO standard (19005-1), for one thing. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Conferences

Two upcoming (in the fall, that is) conferences of note whose calls for papers are still open. FSCONS: the Call for Papers is open until June 30th. FSCONS is a tremendously fun conference because it’s not just software technology, but … Continue reading

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IFOSSLR #3 is out

The IFOSSLR — the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review — has published issue #3. The IFOSSLR is the only journal dedicated exclusively to Free Software legal issues. While I was the FTF-Coordinator at the FSFE it was … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Legal Workshop

The third edition of the FTF’s Amsterdam Legal Workshop is behind us. Two days of excellent weather (for Amsterdam in April, anyway), good food and in-depth legal wrangling on a variety of to pics. Like patents and how to work … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Legal Workshop

Today is the first day of the Amsterdam Legal Workshop — in full I suppose that’s called the Free Software Foundation Europe’s Freedom Task Force European Legal Network yearly workshop in Amsterdam. As in 2008 and 2009, we have a … Continue reading

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Freedom (from lawsuits, to a point)

Today (yesterday? timezones are confusing) the jury in the long-long-long-running case of SCO vs. Novell returned a verdict. on the question whether the copyrights (to UNIX) were transferred to SCO. The jury answered “no”, which bring to a sort-of-close the … Continue reading

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Freedom! (Document-wise)

Today, March 31st, is Document Freedom Day. It’s a day in which we (for some fuzzy meaning of “we”, but including at least Free Software developers) stress the importance of Open document formats. Those are formats which are documented as … Continue reading

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Checkin' out the goods

Just a touch of compliance today. If I wanted to do real compliance engineering, I would turn to (in Europe, and please note they are still looking for a new webmaster) or to Brad Kuhn/SFLC (in North America) to … Continue reading

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Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is approaching, and if you love Free Software, show some of that love. Send a bug report (a well-written one). Add to API documentation (someone was complaining about that on the dot). Update a wiki page. The Free … Continue reading

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