Bright and shiny patches came in from several people over the past few days. Jörn, David, Sebastian all fixed minor irritations. Reinhold did his usual excellent work, implementing wizards and neat stuff. All this cheers me up no end. Thanks guys.

Bitterness Prevails

Indeed it does. You know, folks, I get a couple of bugreports a day. Sometimes with thanks for the parts of KPilot that do work — and I am profoundly grateful for those thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for KPilot. I do my best to deal with troubles, but there’s a lot of them, everything keeps sliding out from under KPilot, and I feel swamped. And bad about the number of bugs.

So what would really really make my day would be patches. To anything. See, one of the tenets of open-source software is that people with a vested interest in making an application better — that’s y’all who would like to use KPilot — will also put in some time and effort in making it better. And that means patches. Really.

Picking up the Pace

Ok, my new machine is installed (and amd64 running FreeBSD -CURRENT, which puts me firmly at the forefront of things-unstable). It runs KPilot 4.4.0 from KDE CVS HEAD, though, which is a good thing. Of course, having a new machine means spending lots of time figuring out its quirks and installing all that software that turns out to be essential.

I really like FreeBSD for its approach to additional packages: don’t install them unless the user asks for it. The ports system works really well, but it’s always painful on a new machine when I need to draw a diagram now and discover that XFig hasn’t been installed yet. It’s a quick fix, but it bugs me.

Anyway, I can still work on KPilot ..

For KDE 3.2, KPilot 4.4.0 will be the norm, and it’s a little wonky still. I will be putting up updates on the site along with an updated build system, so that users can fairly easily upgrade while ignoring the string, feature, and everything freeze.