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EU Microsoft Browser Selection Remedy

As noted elsewhere (for instance Ars Technica or OsNews or the EU itself) the European Commission has reached a conclusion with Microsoft about Internet browser choice for consumers. The proposed remedy is a browser ballot, from which users of new … Continue reading

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Open.* conferences

Time for my semi-regular Open.* conference reminders; Free Software conferences, Open content, what have you, all kinds of neat stuff that you might still be thinking about attending or sending papers to. Open Rhein Ruhr is the farthest away in … Continue reading

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People who are not me

I see that Bertjan had the scoop (over the dot story) that the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit videos are online in a Free-Software-friendly format (ogv). Please note that the talk listed as Mustapha Abubakar is not, in fact, Mustapha himself, … Continue reading

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FTF news

The Freedom Task Force is a project of the Free Software Foundation Europe that: … help[s] people understand Free Software licensing and the opportunities it presents. The FTF offers educational services, facilitates infrastructure activities and manages FSFE’s legal affairs. Its … Continue reading

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Flashing, futzing and finishing

Flashing: I spent an intensely annoying morning flashing firmwares and BIOSes. I had purchased an MSI GX620 — a “gamer” laptop, but pretty nice from a developer point of view, too — and noticed that the keyboard would “stick” every … Continue reading

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Working Week

Today closes out my first week of working “for” the Free Software Foundation Europe; the word “for” is in quotes because there is still some formalization left to do. Still, the FSFE — and more particularly the Freedom Task Force … Continue reading

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The new legal journal IFOSSLR was launched officially yesterday; see also Carlo Piana’s description. For a legal journal, I think we can claim a real success already, with many thousands of downloads. The topics covered include procurement, risk, the Jacobsen … Continue reading

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New Legal Journal

There’s a new legal journal out, and it is all about (and by) us. “Us” in the wide sense of the word, those people that are concerned with legal issues around Free Software communities, projects, organizations. You can find it … Continue reading

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Back from GCDS; patches for qtcreator handed off; packing for trip to London; putting kids to bed. I realize now that I didn’t tell a single dinosaur story at this conference; that I still owe some people an explanation; that … Continue reading

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We have the technology ..

We have the technology, we can fix it. The nice thing about showing people things that are broken and then sitting down to figure out what’s wrong is that the things get fixed. Holger helped out with understanding some of … Continue reading

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